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Clients like you said:

“Thank you so so much for playing at our wedding and making it a night we'll never forget. You guys were amazing and all of our guests have commented on how fantastic you were. You even got the groom up dancing and that rarely happens. We would highly recommend Funk Conspiracy - absolutely awesome band!”

Samantha and David Clappison, South Causey Inn,
Sept 2014.

North East Wedding Venues Guide by Funk Conspiracy

Are you looking for a wedding venue in the North East? Ever wondered what the best venue is from a band’s perspective? Have you thought about the venue from your guests’ perspective? Then look no further, read Funk Conspiracy’s North East wedding venue guide!

Venue Logistics

There are two types of venues, the most common by far is when the same main room is used for the meal and the evening party. The band usually sets up in the turnaround time - this is after the meal and speeches when the venue may need to clear the tables and the room and prepare it for the evening party (often creating space for a dance floor.) This is a natural point in the day for your guests to have a ‘comfort break’ and mingle with others, also the bride may want to get changed. It is at this time that your evening guests begin to arrive.

The other type of venue which is less common has two separate rooms, one for the meal, one for the party. In this case there is no need for a turn around, as the band will set up in the ‘other’ room whilst you and your guests are eating. However, it is still advised to have a ‘comfort break.’ Venues such as Matfen and Dissington Halls have these facilities.

Location is important

A venue that isn’t too remote is best! Not only will it be easier (and cheaper) for the band to access, but your guests will be much happier too with a venue that is easily accessible, especially those with children or the less-able people in the party.


We don’t want to get too technical, but the high quality of sound in the venue is imperative to ensure a brilliant wedding party. Some rooms have physical dimensions which, together with things like hard stone walls and high ceilings, may cause problems and it is harder to get the sound right in places like this. Funk Conspiracy have played in hundreds of North East wedding venues and have vast experience in tuning the sound specifically to a room, ensuring the best result possible.

This is why Funk Conspiracy love marquees! Funk Conspiracy’s Richard Owen is an experienced sound engineer and he likes working in marquees: “The acoustics are usually great because there are no hard walls for the sound to bounce off.”

Noise Restrictions

This brings us onto noise restrictions - some venues use electronic sound limiters to prevent the music being played above a certain volume. This is usually to keep the volume down when the venue is situated in a residential area, or the venue is being used for other purposes (ie hotel, restaurant.) Funk Conspiracy are considered one of the bands in the North East with the best control over volume and have played in many venues with sound limiters - including Jesmond Dene House, Mansion House and Eshott Hall.

Join us next week for the next installment - part 2 of our North East Wedding Venue Guide.

Written by Navella Caretto.

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