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Samantha and David Clappison, South Causey Inn,
Sept 2014.

Scottish Wedding Traditions Part 2, by Funk Conspiracy

Did you know that in Scotland, it is the person who conducts the service who is licensed to hold weddings, whereas in England and Wales, it is the building the ceremony takes place in that must be licensed. This is one of the differences that make Scottish weddings unique in the present day, however there are many historical traditions that originate north of the border.

The Luckenbooth:

Wedding present: A Scottish brooch, called a ‘Luckenbooth’ is sometimes given as a token of love or as a wedding gift. This brooch is usually made of silver and is engraved with two hearts entwined. Some couples pin this on the blanket of their first born child for good luck.

Tying the Knot:

The phrase ‘tying the knot’ originated from the bride and groom ripping their wedding plaids (clan tartans) and tying the two strips together as a symbol of the unity of the two families.

Penny Weddings:

Short on cash? Arrange a ‘Penny Wedding,’ where guests are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks to the reception. These festivities are renowned for eating drinking and dancing and some even begin on the eve of the wedding. Gifts of food and drink are made to the newly weds to help with the cost of the reception.


In the eighteenth century there was a custom called ‘handfasting.’ A couple would live together for a year and a day, in which time they would decide whether continue together and make a lifelong commitment, or separate. It was considered more important for the bride to be experienced and fertile than to be a virgin!

Read the next blog for our third and final part of Scottish Wedding Traditions.

Written by Navella Caretto.

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