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“Thank you so so much for playing at our wedding and making it a night we'll never forget. You guys were amazing and all of our guests have commented on how fantastic you were. You even got the groom up dancing and that rarely happens. We would highly recommend Funk Conspiracy - absolutely awesome band!”

Samantha and David Clappison, South Causey Inn,
Sept 2014.

Traditional British Wedding Customs and their Origins

North East Wedding Band Funk Conspiracy are proud to present their guide to traditional British wedding customs and their origins.

Ever wondered why the most popular wedding months are the Summer months?
Why do you wear your rings on the third finger of your left hand?
Why is the wedding cake so important?
Why do brides get carried over the threshold?
Why do brides throw a bouquet of flowers behind them to their guests?
Why does the bride’s father pay for the wedding?

It’s all down to the Romans! Let’s go back to our roots and discover why these traditions have survived for hundreds of years.....

Lucky Wedding Days

Lucky days were chosen to avoid any ill fated omens. Roman lucky days were in June, July and August!

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings were worn on the third finger of the left hand as they believed there was a nerve that ran from this finger to the heart.

Wedding Cake

Romans used the wedding cake as an offering to the Roman God Jupiter. This meant Jupiter would give consent to the wedding. Consenting guests would eat the cake too.

Carrying the Bride

After the reception, the newlyweds were escorted to the husband’s house. This was a ceremony in itself, essential to complete the marriage. The bride was then carried over the threshold by her husband, and the doors were closed to the general public while guests were invited in.

Tossing the Bouquet

After the bride had been carried over the threshold, she would light a fire with a special torch carried in front of the procession. The torch was then blown out, and tossed among the guests, who scrambled for it, much like a bride's flower bouquet is today.

Fatherly Duties

Typical Roman weddings were lavish affairs. The expense of the wedding was the bride's family's responsibility, as it was the father’s duty to set his daughter up in a new ‘life’ in the best manner possible. Also, the bride’s fathers liked to ‘show off’ in front of their friends, with the most expensive weddings earning them respect amongst their peers.

Written by Navella Caretto.

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