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Sept 2014.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts Part 2, by Funk Conspiracy

Special wedding anniversary are commonly associated with particular types of gifts.

Nowadays, these gifts have little connection with the original traditions behind them. Here is the second part of the article by North East Wedding Band Funk Conspiracy about what these traditional gifts represent.

13th anniversary gift - Lace

Lace is admired for its intricacy and beauty. The spaces between the knots reminds a couple to allow time and space between moments together.

15th anniversary gift - Crystal

Crystal dazzles with beauty and the way light dances off its multi faceted surface. This symbolises how a couple can touch the lives of others.

20th anniversary gift - China

20th is the second milestone. China is elegant and beautiful representing the love you have for each other.

25th anniversary gift - Silver

A silver gift for 25 years of marriage seems to originate from medieval Germany where, if a married couple lived to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the wife would be presented with a silver wreath from family and friends.

30th anniversary gift - Pearl

Pearls are said to be dew drops from heaven that fell into the sea. Precious and rare, pearls represent true love.

35th anniversary gift - Coral

Coral is a living organism and is said to cure madness and give wisdom, representing a thriving union between the couple.

40th anniversary gift - Ruby

The bold red color of a ruby symbolizes the pride and courage inherent to love. Reflecting the light in such a way as to almost bring life to stone, rubies embody warmth, fire and passion.

45th anniversary gift - Sapphire

Associated with loyalty, faithfulness and meditation, the blue of a sapphire communicates the honor, inspiration and serendipity of a 45th anniversary couples connection.

50th anniversary gift - Gold

Similar to the medieval German tradition with silver, if the couple were lucky enough to reach 50 years (which was rare due to early mortality rates), the bride would be given a gold wreath. Gold is beautiful and strong and symbolises that the marriage has stood the test of time.

55th anniversary gift - Emerald

The emerald is the sacred stone of the goddess Venus. It was thought to preserve love. The emerald is said to bring the couple reason and wisdom.

60th anniversary gift - Diamond

The fire in diamond symbolises the constant flame of love. The word Diamond comes from the Greek “adamus” meaning unconquerable and enduring.

70th anniversary gift - Platinum

Platinum is used today to define the intensity of light, and is the light of love that will never tarnish. Known as the “invisible” setting for gemstones, platinum shows the gem and keeps it firmly in place. The bond of a 70th anniversary couple reflects these traits as their love continues to hold them firmly together.

Written by Navella Caretto.

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