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“Thank you so so much for playing at our wedding and making it a night we'll never forget. You guys were amazing and all of our guests have commented on how fantastic you were. You even got the groom up dancing and that rarely happens. We would highly recommend Funk Conspiracy - absolutely awesome band!”

Samantha and David Clappison, South Causey Inn,
Sept 2014.

Wedding band choices by gender

What do YOU want from a wedding band?

Do you and your partner ever have a clash of opinion when it comes to choosing your wedding band? Well, don’t feel alone, because some market research conducted by Funk Conspiracy in Autumn 2011 shows that males and females look for different things when choosing a wedding band.

We asked 20 women and 20 men from across the UK “ What is the most important thing to you when choosing your wedding band?” and collated and analysed the results. We have picked some answers that we feel are the most true representations of each gender.

The Male Perspective

The male participants in the survey chose logical, factual, almost analytical factors that were important to them when choosing a band. Some answers were:

- Reliable.
- Polite.
- How much room they need on stage.
- Logistical issues when setting up.
- The outfits they wore.
- Music type.
- Will they need us to provide anything that they don’t bring with them?
- Need to be able to trust that they wouldn’t do anything stupid(!)
- Play songs you like but also they would say if they didn't think a song would work / they couldn't play it.

Men also tended to be more specific than women, eg “a good mix of music over the last 4 decades to suit the guests young and old” compared to a typically female answer: “play the type of music to keep the whole dance floor heaving.”

The Female Perspective

Women on the other hand used more emotive language when answering, so it is reasonable to assume their choices are based on feelings and emotion. Adjectives and words such as ‘lively, feel-good factor, happy songs, stage presence, versatile, family friendly, crowd pleasers’ to name a few were used by females.

The main issue with females when choosing a band was that they and their guests would have a good time. It is important to women that people are happy, and that their wedding is a memorable one, and the right band will help make the night a brilliant party.

Looks Matter

One factor that was mentioned by both genders was aesthetics and beauty - male: “it would be nice if they have a beautiful lead singer as well...” Assuming she’s female!! Female: “no male band members should be better looking than the groom!”

This is an interesting one as the male wanted an aesthetically pleasing lead singer, and the female was worried that the male band members might be better looking than her new husband!! We’ll leave that one for you to mull over......


In summary, the women don’t seem to care how the band do it, as long as the job is done well, and the men care a lot about exactly HOW the band do it, and if they choose well, their brides-to-be will be happy!!!

Written by Navella Caretto.

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