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Wedding engagement proposals by Funk Conspiracy

Planning a proposal this month? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the leap year in a couple of weeks, February 2012 looks set to be a busy month for proposals! North East wedding band Funk Conspiracy have some proposal ideas that will get you thinking!

Proposal Ideas

- Buy a box of chocolates and replace one chocolate with the engagement ring!

- Recreate your first date or first meeting and pop the question

- According to a wine merchant’s survey, restaurants are the second most popular place for proposals (the home is the most popular!) You could write Marry Me on the dessert plate rim, or go for a walk nearby to propose before returning for champagne and dessert. It is advised not to hide the ring in food - you wouldn't want it to be swallowed!

- If you are generally not the romantic type, chances are your partner will be suspicious if you suddenly want to go out for a fancy dinner or trip. So put the ring somewhere in your house where your partner is sure to go, in a make up drawer, in the butter dish, or tied to a bottle of wine or beer with a note attached that says "Will you marry me?"

- If your partner wakes up to the radio set to a particular radio station, or listens to the same one at work every day, arrange to propose on air.

- Give your Valentine a jigsaw puzzle, wrapped as a present. Remove one piece of the puzzle and hide it, so when they solve it, they’ll discover that one piece is missing - you can then produce the piece, which reads "Will You Marry Me?"

- Make an photo album of your relationship, with pictures of the two of you during important moments, and on the second to last page write "what will the future bring?" and on the last page write "how about marriage?"

Multilingual Proposals

In a small blank book, write "Will you marry me?" in a different language on each page. Start with the language your partner knows the least, and lead up to their native language.

Here are a few examples:

Spanish: Te Casas Conmigo?
Esperanto: (to a woman) Ĉu vi edziniĝus kun mi? (to a man) Ĉu vi edziĝus kun mi?
Japanese: Watashito kekkon shite kuremasuka?
Finnish: Haluatko naida minut?
German: Willst Du mich heiraten?
Italian: Io sposerete?
French: Veux-tu m'épouser?
Portuguese: Queres casar comigo?

Now that you have some great proposal ideas, the next step is to plan your engagement party!

Written by Navella Caretto.

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